Monday, September 1, 2008

This weekend didn't turn out quite like we thought

Yesterday, while Adam and I were working on the car, a kitten walked over to us. It had started storming and we were rushing to finish up. The garage door was open. She kept meowing at us then finally walked into the garage. The rain started coming down so hard that we just threw everything into the garage and decided to let her wait out the storm in our garage. We got her some food and water and made a small bed for her. The storm never let up so she spent the night in there. We’re pretty sure she’s our neighbors but I don’t know if they let her inside or not. This morning, I thought the storm was done. I let her out and she wouldn’t go back home so I closed her in her back yard. We came back out in 30 minutes to try to beat the rain that was moving back in and the kitten showed back up as it started to rain. Again, our garage door was open so she meowed at us from inside the garage. It started hailing! It’s Sep. 1st and it’s in the 40’s outside! I told Adam we were going to have an early winter. Anyway, she’s curled up in the bed in the garage again…I don’t know when this storm will actually be over and they don’t seem to notice that she’s gone.

While Adam was here, he replaced the bushing, link ends for the sway arms, the front brakes, the idler arm and bracket and a pitman arm. He was going to drive back to Boise with Gracie (the kitten from the farm) on Sunday but the storm wouldn’t allow him to finish. He was hoping to leave around noon today but that hasn’t happened. I don’t know if he’ll actually get on the road today either. He hates car work so I know it wasn’t very fun week off for him.

Gracie keeps getting more active and adventurous. She ran off twice yesterday when we took her out to go to the bathroom so we bought a collar and leash. She doesn’t really like the leash (most cats don’t) but it keeps her from running off. She doesn’t really run away, she just loves to be underneath things, in cozy places and so she’s just looking for a cozy place to lay and she’s content to stay there. Her stomach has really grown. We’re hoping the rest of her body will begin to catch up quickly. What’s really funny is that all three dogs have finally figured out there’s something alive in the house. Jack is scared to death of her. He trembles all over and gets so fixated on her, everything else disappears.

I was released from my primary teacher position on Sunday. I finally got my class to be reverent…it was great! I just wished that I had figured it out before my last Sunday. I actually enjoyed teaching them for the first time.


Valerie said...

I'm glad you ended on a high note with your class. I hope you'll have fun your last few Sundays there in Relief Society. Did Adam ever make it out on the road?

Tiff :o) said...

He just left. I drove out to Coalville and had linner with him.

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