Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yard crashers

While I was on vacation, Adam did a tow for friends of ours, didn't charge them and lent them my car so he could get to work before he had a chance to work on his car. He is a horticulturist at a local college. They just had a plant sale that the students had planted. As a thank you, they brought enough plants for a 20 square foot area and planted them for us...the brought fertilizer, amendment and mulch. We got our very own mini yard crashers. The area they worked on has never looked so good...and the pansies and cabbage will continue to grow all winter providing us with color. So cool! I like that kind of thank you. I tried to help but she kept telling me to just let them do the work. They brought yellow pansies, red pansies, ornamental cabbage and snapdragons.

They brought all four of their kids and they made fast work of it.

They even watered everything and swept up.

We have great friends. And we are still planning on doing an overnight backpacking trip next month. Hopefully it's not too cold.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A wonderful trip home (pic overload)

It took me so long to get back into a normal schedule aagain after I got home. The first week I was not feeling very well at all and didn't do much besides work and come home to veg on the couch until far too late. But eventually, it all worked itself out and I'm feeling better now.

It was so fun getting to go back home and visit family. Thanks so much, everyone, for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend time with me.

The flight in was productive, working on a secret project that I hope to actually finish within the next year. I had a layover in Denver and that's my favorite flight pattern ever because once they fly over Springville, they bank left and the whole valley comes into view. Then they fly straight down Utah Valley and Salt Lake valley. I love the view! My first glimpse of home.

You all know who you are so I will skip captions unless I need/want to explain something.

Mom and Dad took me on a drive through the canyon to see the fall colors. I showed them a scenic pull out they never knew existed.

Mom remembered how to knit so she could show me how to do it. Thanks, Mom! :o)

The Mendozas took me bowling and thn to eat dinner in the very chilly canyon. I had a great time.

Then I got to spend the night at the little Andes' house where I saw my first Itai smile and got to hear him talk...but not to me.

Poor Avi was limping around on his bad leg. He wanted to just run though.

I went for a walk while the boys were getting their baths. I saw horses and some gardens. These onions caught my eye.

Between the 1st and 2nd sessions of general conference, Debbie took me to see the Draper Temple since I had never seen it. It's so pretty but the view is even better.

The gate was locked but Itai wanted to go in so he tried unlocking the gates. He actually got a key to fit the lock.

I spent a couple days at Heather's. We went for walks, played and watched Mickey Mouse.

This is a pic taken while spinning Aileah.

I was disappointed that this pic is not very crisp. I think it's a very cute pic of Princess Izzy.

I drew a pic of Mom and Dad for Mother's Day/Father's Day. It was only 4 months late...I am getting better. So sad.

Mom and Sheri took me to a quilt exhibit at BYU. We were thinking they would be exhibit quality but they were meant to look like folk art. Kind of odd to have on display but it was fun to see anyway. See how wonky some of them were?

This one was my favorite.

Jared and the boys came down to visit one evening for a few hours and I tried to get a spinning picture of Itai.

Avi was getting spun as well and it was funny because he would really just let himself go limp and enjoy the ride. He couldn't get enough of it.

The Manns took me ice skating for Aileah's first time. She startedout with a walker, then graduated to skating with both hands being held, and made it to one handed skating. Her two favorite things were spinning with me and falling on purpose. What a cutie! Thanks for the good time. :o)

On my next to last morning, I woke up early and went for a walk, hoping to catch a nice sunrise but it was a very mild sunrise. Still, the fresh, crisp morning air was nice. I found this really old truck with bones on the back...I think someone was a hunter. These were all old, cracked and sun bleached.

The house that Heather and I both like on Main street had it's autumn decorations out.

The last night, we pulled out the ping pong table and pool table. Mom and I played ping pong and Sheri and I played pool.

I had a great time. Thanks again, everyone. I miss you all and can't wait to see you again.
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