Tuesday, June 19, 2012

more recent progress pics

Here's another quick look at some progress we've made.

This is the view from the same spot in the pics from the previous post.  Three of my garden beds have been built and most of the driveway leading up to the house has the gravel base spread on it as well as some of the garden paths.  The berm on the far end of the garden is leveled.  This was taken on May 29th.

This picture was taken tonight.  The gravel base has been spread over the whole driveway.  It's hard to see since the light is washing it out.  Between the three garden beds are gravel walkways and Adam created an island between the new driveway and the gardens.  That's where my blueberry and blackberry plants will be.  I have a few already there...still in pots.  Look at all the green in my garden. :o)  We are starting to get blooms on various things and it's so exciting!!!  On the berm, the mulch has been spread and I even planted the marigolds and petunias on the other side (the street facing side) this past week.  They are starting to bloom.  The wood for the fourth bed is set out, waiting to be built.  Not a ton has happened in those three weeks but there is definitely progress.

It's funny how neighbors have responded.  Some were angry at first.  I never got any rude comments but Adam said he got a few.  Cars were stopping in front of our house or driving so slowly.  It was really funny to watch.  Several people asked what had happened, as if a tornado hit only our yard, or something.  They all looked so concerned.  But as things started to take shape, people kept commenting on how nice it looks, even though it's obviously not done.  Now that the garden is growing, I have people coming in to the yard to look at the gardens.  We had no idea we had so many neighbors before we started working on this project. lol  Makes me wonder how they would act if they could see everything we've done inside the way they can see the yard.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

As if our yard project wasn't major enough, Adam felt we needed an extra challenge.  Two extra challenges to be exact.  Meet Hansel and Gretel.  They are not ours...they are foster puppies that we've had for 2 1/2 months now, roughly.  They are about 7 months old now and still in that chewing stage.  Remember those bathroom cabinets I painted and glazed less than a year ago?  Well, both of them have been chewed up, along with the other cabinet (not permanently mounted though) we have in the bathroom and a wall.  However, they have gotten much better about not chewing on those things now that they are allowed out in the fenced yard to run and play.  You can barely see it but they are wearing harnesses in the pic below.  Hansel is in blue, Gretel is in pink.  

They are small dogs.  Hansel is 17 lbs and Gretel is 13 lbs.  They are adult size already...maybe minus a pound or two.  They are both sweet hearts but scaredy cats.  Gretel is more afraid of other dogs while Hansel is more afraid of people (though they are both suddenly and strangely going through this phase where they are very afraid of Adam).  They love to cuddle together and often sleep tangled up together.

There's just one little problem here...they can't be with the other dogs.  Well, they've met them all, on accident one day.  Thankfully my dogs behaved themselves and no one got hurt but I can't trust Jack or Bear with them so they are separated.  Because of this, and because all three exits to the outside are in the main living area, I have no way to get the puppies out without locking the dogs outside, taking the puppies to the basement, letting my dogs back in, then letting the puppies out...and again to bring the puppies in.  I make sure to spend time with both sets every day so it eats up a good chunk of my time when I am actually home.  If I need to work on the yard, I feel guilty because I am with neither sets but it needs attention too, especially right now.

They have wormed their way into our hearts and we are really enjoying them while we have them but they are not ours...they are meant for someone else...I just hope that that someone finds them soon so life can get back to some semblance of normal (if that's possible).  

Friday, June 8, 2012

The difference one day makes

We spent the last couple days prepping for an unexpected change to the front yard.  At the spur of the moment, Adam decided yo take a bobcat to the front yard so that I could have the garden I wanted instead of in the awkward place I was trying to put it in.  

That morning, before going to work, this was the view from the inside stair case window.  

When I got home from work, this is what I found.  I really didn't know what to think.  I was kind of in shock.  It was only day 1 of 2 though with the bobcat and  I couldn't see how it would come together.

This was the yard from the front porch.  Wow, not pretty.
 But that's not all.  The driveway needed to be expanded as well since we were sorely lacking parking space.

Adam's been hard at work improving the yard and building raised garden beds.  I have three 7' x 14' beds so far and they are all planted...but that's another post.  I wish I had more time but it's already too late...just wanted to finally show one of our projects.
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