Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alexander & Browns Canyons 7/25/08

What a ride this turned out to be! I haven't been so tired on a ride since my first ride. I took the bike trail. I shook everything and made each part of me that makes contact with the bike very sore and zapped the energy out of me. It didn't help that the sun was out and made the hottest day this year, it felt like. When I made it back to the pavement, I was so happy!! I didn't realize right away that I had no energy. I stopped at a gas station and sat in the shade while I ate an energy bar and drank a bottle of ice cold water. I got back on my way and it wasn't long before I wanted to just lay down and fall asleep. I climbed a couple of extremally steep and long hills but was rewarded with views of the Provo Canyon mountains and Jordanelle. Heading back up towards Browns Canyon,I ran into a moose who tried to chase me down but once she got on the road, she changed directions and crossed the road. Adam called so I laid down on the cement in the shade and couldn't find the energy to get up for about 30 minutes. I've never been so comfortable on cement in my life, even with the little rocks poking me in various places. I finally forced myself up and climbed into Browns Canyon. I made it to the top and once the downhill started I was feeling much better about being on the ride. Finally, a breeze and shade!!! It didn't take too long to get home after that. I love shade.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maple Grove 7/17/08

I didn't have a lot of time for this ride so I took a ride from one end of the other of Maple Grove. I found the trailhead to the Greenbelt and a wetland/preserve area. I also saw a dairy, that's the worst smell I've ever smelled.

Kuna 7/16/08

Another ride that didn't finish at the desired point. I tried to make it to Lake Lowell but I misread the directions and managed to go way too far in the wrong direction to make it there. So when I finally figured out where I went wrong, I was too far away to go there. So I headed back home and made a trip to the downtown area. I found the Boise River which is pretty wide.

I went for a short exploration ride around the area I'll be living in soon. It's quite different...traffic, interstate overpasses, stores, houses...not really anything scenic. There were mountains in the distance but they could only be seen from certain spots. The Temple is only about a mile from home but in the opposite direction than all the stores so I took a little side trip to go see it.

Wolf Creek Pass 7/11/08

I went with the group again. I had the energy to make it to the top but since I was on a time limit, I turned around after 16 miles...I was about 7 miles from the top. I was told it was very cold at the fact 2 people ordered coffee to warm up afterward but I never made it to the cold part. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Echo to Croydon 7/9/08

I tried to make it to Lost Creek but I started too late in the evening and had to turn around before making it. I tried this ride once 8 years ago, or so and didn't make it then either. Maybe someday.

Another ride around the lake. This time it felt a lot easier.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This ride was beautiful. 3 miles of it was on a dirt road up to Smith & Morehouse reservoir. Wildflowers, tall pines, water...who could ask for more?

Same route as used before to get to Oakley.

To Peoa 6/30/08

Just a short ride toady. Rode out to Peo and back. (Ignore the wouldn't get off the lens.)

Wanship to Echo Canyon and back 6/13/08

Wow, what a hard ride! It was 52 miles long. This was another ride with the group. I haven't done a ride this long in about 8 years. I did fine for the first third of the ride, then the energy just kepp leaving me. I made it to the end of Echo Canyon just in time to see everyone else leave. I hung out for a while, resting. I was so tired but had to go to the bathroom so bad that I pushed through. After finding a restroom near Coalville, I slowed my pace and was not able to get much out of my legs. So the whole tripp took me over 7 hours and I was more tired than I had been in a very long time!

Bridge Hollow 6/12/08

The moderate hills worked out so well that I decided to try very steep hills and see how that went. Bridge Hollow is the gated community across the main highway where we live. It climbs into the mountains and has the worst set of hills of any area around here that I know. I was able to make it to the top but my lungs tired enough that I had to keep stopping. But there is now no hill that I can't climb, I'm convinced.
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