Monday, September 22, 2008

Croutons for my salad

I just had a simple garden salad for dinner. I had to use up some veggies before they went bad. One of the things I love in salads is croutons. One of the things living out here has taught me is that since I can't just run to a store whenever I want something, I can easily do without or figure out something else. I pulled the bread heels out that I had thrown in the freezer when I finished off the last loaf. I turned the oven on at 250 and left the bread in the oven while I took the dogs for their walks (short ones this time). When they came out, they were dry all the way through. I cut them into chunks. I learned that it's best to cube them before they go into oven. It's much easier to cut when it's still moist and it doesn't waste so much bread either. The croutons added the needed crunch to my salad. :o)

I had chef's salad at Mom and Dad's last night and it was really good. Then my salad again tonight was really good as well. I don't have salads very often. I always forget how much I love them! I need to eat them more often!

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Valerie said...

Me too! Me too! I LOVE salad.

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