Sunday, September 14, 2008

Liver Treats & Walks

Every night for the past week, Bear stands by the drawer where I keep their harnesses and leashes. He doesn't stop whining until I go to bed. I didn't think I was ready to be walking them but I thought I'd give it a try one at a time. Bear was first since he's always at my side. We had 2 little dogs spending the weekend run out toward Bear. I picked him up and took a few steps and set him down. He looked at them but was so excited about being on a walk that he just moved on. We went around the block with a side trip to the river in the campground. Each dog took the same route.

Jasmine was next. She loves to run on walks so I tried it but only got a few steps before the shaking of my hip brought too much pain. I had to tell her to "easy" many times on the walk. I think her excitement was getting to her too. She didn't really care about the three dogs that guard the horses and bark as you walk past.

Jack had barked himself hoarse while the other two were on their walks. But as soon as I traded Jasmine for Jack, he became very quiet and Bear, thinking it should be his turn again, started his high pitched whining and I heard him through almost the whole walk. The little dogs came running after Jack and me and got so close that I could reach out and touch one of them. I had a hold of Jack's harness just in case but he was so calm and didn't even bark at them. Has someone switched dogs on me?? We crossed paths with another black lab named Jack. He was just walking down the street. At first, Jack pulled at the leash, but I pulled him over to the other side of our one lane road and he walked past him without pulling at the leash. He really surprised me!! I was so proud of him!!

I did better than I thought I would. My leg was a little sore from the pants rubbing me but that was it.

I did alot of coking for the dogs today. I make liver treats for the dogs ocasionally and had bought chicken livers so I could make some for them but I had forgotten that I have to puree the livers and I don't have a grinder or food processor here. I have a lot of left over liver sausage that I know I won't be using anymore so I used that in the treats instead. While that was baking in the oven, I cooked the livers on the stovetop. I froze the treats for later and I will be adding the liver to their food bowls and also as treats. They really like liver in any form. I liked this recipe for treats that I used. The one I used to use really smelled awful while cooking!! This one smelled ok and they make great training treats when cut very small.

Liver Bread

· 1 lb of any kind of liver, pureed
· 1 cup of any kind of flour
· 1 cup of corn meal
· 2 Tbsp of Garlic powder (amount optional)
· 1 Tbsp of oil

Puree the liver and mix in the other ingredients. Spread on a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan (I line a pan with foil and oil it). Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. Cool and break in pieces. I divide into bags and freeze. It thaws very quickly or the dogs will eat it still frozen. They care not.

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