Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teaching Jack to roll over

I decided that it was time to tech Jack a new trick. I never would have guessed that he was so trainable but he is the one most willing to learn new things. His all time favorite is still shaking hands. I laughed hysterically when he caught onto that one. He still makes me laugh and he's so good!

I brought out the treats and put Jack in a down, then lured his head to the side and pulled the treat away so that he had to roll over to get the treat which he did. We worked on it for only a few minutes and he did it over and over again. We did one other session for about 2 minutes but he still needs the lure, he hasn't connected the action to the cue yet but he's doing pretty well.

I tried it with Jasmine and it scared her so she ran away and stayed in her kennel for a couple of hours...she's so wimpy. Even though she doesn't like her feet being touched, she will shake hands and let me grasp it for a second...she even offered her other paw when I asked for it the other day. SHe's making progress.

Of course, there's no way Bear would roll over so I didn't even try it with him. Instead, I tried working with him on shaking hands. He doesn't like to do it and when he does, it's pretty pathetic. He doesn't bring his paw up and out to meet mine, he lightly lifts it off the ground and that's it. But I have noticed him doing it sometimes when he wants something that I won't give him...trying to appease me, I suppose.

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