Friday, September 5, 2008

I can sit and roll over

I am definitely getting better. I can sit for a short amount of time without any blankets or towels to elevate the unhurt parts. I can sit elevated for as long as I have to...20 hours in the last couple of days alone. I have woken up the last two mornings as I am rolling over onto my right side. I can't stay on it, which is why I wake up but I can stand it, it's not excruciating anymore. Even my calf seems to be doing better now. It is shrinking. I didn't think it was getting any better but then I remembered that when I first put on the 2nd skin, it almost didn't fit the length of the wound but now I can overlap the two bandages and there's still a little room. I haven't been putting the ace bandages on while I sleep or am sitting down, just while I'm walking around since my pants rub my skin and irritates everything. My leg appreciates not being constricted now. It may be taking a long time, but I am getting there.

I went out and pulled weeds for awhile today. I got to the poppy bed and decided that they would make a good decoration so I was pulling them out as softly as I could so I wouldn't break any stems. (By the way, did you know that poppy seed oil is the best oil for oil lamps? It burns clean and odorless.) I got a nice big pile of them laying in the driveway. While I was pulling them out, I noticed a large swarm of bees on the pump house next to me. They were crawling all over each other. I glanced at them every few seconds and they never seemed too bothered by me. I would watch one fly away and make sure it wasn't coming after me before I would get back to work. I didn't have the heart to kill them...I just can't do it knowing the problems bee colonies are having in recent years. And besides, someday I may have a bee skep or two of my own so I may as well get used to working close to them. Oh and in the process of gathering the poppies, I got lots of teeny, tiny little thorns stuck in my arms. I had to soak them in hot water to get them out. I already learned my lesson last year while pulling them out but it was hot so I thought I'd just be as careful as I could be....and I was. Somehow they managed to find me anyway.

Since my injury, I've been relying on the tv to alleviate boredom and every waking hour, it has been on. It got really bad. There really aren't many good shows on, ever. So, today I decided that unless there was something on that I actually cared about seeing, I would keep the tv off. I reintroduced the radio into the house. Adam found a good radio station that we could get in the house while working on the suburban this past week. Since we've moved here, I haven't been able to listen to the radio. All the clear stations I found were not my kind of music. It's so great to have the radio back again. I love music and it's so much better than the tv. Right now though, I have neither on.

I cleaned the living/kitchen area this week. I haven't done much cleaning this past month and a half and it has been driving me nuts but I just couldn't motivate myself to tackle it. I set a timer for 20 minutes. I got as much done in those 20 minutes as possible then moved to another area for anther 20 minutes. I cleaned 4 areas that way. Everything that didn't belong in those areas, I put in one big pile. The next day, I gave myself 20 minutes to put everything away. Now I'm so pleased (Adam bought and replaced the belt in the vacuum while he was here, it broke the same time I did). Even the carpets have been vacuumed and rugs have been beat clean. And since I'm alone right now, it's very easy to maintain!

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