Monday, July 15, 2013


So it's really easy to let too much time pass between posts and if I wait much longer, I probably wouldn't post the finished pictures of my dress.  I finished it just 2 days before the event so I tackled a bonnet (the yellow one), I put big pockets on the apron and made the corded petticoat.  It is pretty comfortable and not nearly as hot as people said it would be...everyone was hot but I was no hotter than anyone else and didn't really sweat while some others were drenched with sweat.

Here it is without the apron or bonnet.

 And with the apron and bonnet...see that black twig looking thing in front of me?  Well, I thought it was a twig and was about to kneel down but I realized it wasn't a twig, it was a big snake!!  We just looked at each other for a couple seconds until I regained my sanity and ran away.  

I love the dress!  It doesn't fit quite as it should, but that's ok.  It took about an hour of scrubbing the hem to get the red clay stains out of it, but there are no stains. :o)

I got a lot of compliments on my dress.

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