Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Kitty update

Well, we've had little kitty for just over 24 hours now and she's become so much more active. Adam had salmon for dinner the night we got her so she's been eating that (just finished it off), some kitten milk replacement, kitten food and a few soft kitten treats and tons of water. We were concerned yesterday because even though she was eaing and drinking so much, she just wouldn't go to the bathroom. I guess she was just absorbing everything because this morning, everything seems to be in good working order. Pam, the farmhouse woman, told us she probably had worms that were stealing all her nutrients, which is why she's so thin. She had a good appetitie and ate what the woman gave her. We're pretty sure that she doesn't have worms because with regular meals and a warm place to sleep she's gotten stronger and she no longer has diarreah. I think all she needed was some TLC. Adam will take her to the vet on Tuesday just to make sure there are no other problems than neglect. She's such a happy little kitty right now, always purring, and on the mend.

She spent the day yesterday laying outside in the grass while Adam worked on the car. The garbage truck came and scared her so I grabbed her right as she bolted. When I set her down, she spied a grasshopper right next to her. She scared him and he jumped, she pounced and caught it then ate the whole thing, bite by bite, except for one back leg. She'll definitely be a good mouser!


chrisnallynkids said...

Did Pam give you the cat?
Did you combine your blogs?

Tiff :o) said...

Yeah, Pam let us take her home. Adam wakes up then goes into the extra bedroom where we have a twin sized cot set up and pulls her out of her little cat sized kennel and the two sleep on the cot together.

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