Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trimming the oil lamp wick

I have a few oil lamps but I only had enough oil to fill one up when we got here. After filling it up, I got rid of the bottle so I have to use up as much as I can or get rid of it before the move. So I brought it into the bedroom and have been crocheting by it at night. My light was getting really dim even though I kept bringing more and more of the wick out. I read about how it used to be a daily chore to trim the wicks and wash the glass chimney. I decided it was time mine got a trim. I have only trimmed it once before. I almost didn't have to cut it, it crumbled right off. The hurricane really needs a washing but I haven't done that yet. The light is much brighter now. Lesson learned. Yeah for fresh wicks!


Valerie said...

Way cool photo! Where is that?

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. :o) It's in my bedroom.

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