Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shopping bags

This morning I wentout to pick some more hawthorne berries. I picked for 3 hours and 15 minutes and got just under 5 pounds. I found a tree that wasn't nearly as big as most of the others and had more berries ripe then not. I was able to pick whole clusters instead of one by one. The down side to this tree, however, was that it had many more thorns and they were bigger than in the trees I was picking in yesterday. I have lots of little cuts on my hand that sting when I wash my hands. I went to move a branch and poked myself a good one in my index finger!

The wind was really picking up and gray clouds were moving in pretty quickly so I packed it up and called it a day. It never actually rained but we did get a pretty fierce thunderstorm that had Bear francticaly looking for a hiding place. He finally settled in in the cabinet under the sink. He stayed there well after the storm was over to make sure it was safe.

In the evening, I made a trip to Kimball Junction for some milk (and got a milkshake while I was there). I've been eyeing the reusable shopping bags. I keep telling myself that I'll make some and even come out ahead on the price if I use the $1/yd fabric at Walmart but that hasn't happened so I broke down and bought 7. I never remember to bring old plastic bags but I have this thing that if I pay for something, I'm more likely to make the effort to use it. Now I just have to make a habit of unloading the bags and taking them back to the car.


Valerie said...

I saw some shopping bags like those except very green at the store yesterday and thought about getting them for you. Let me know how you like the berries.

Tiff :o) said...

The few that I hadwhile picking were good but I won't be eating the berries in any quantity until after they're preserved in one form or another but I will let you know. It's just more work to eat one of these berries than a cherry...there's five seeds to spit out instead of one.

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