Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch at Betty's

I have a friend from church, Betty. She was the one who inspired me to grow my tomoatoes inside. She has a garden that is very productive and since I couldn't grow anything outside (the owners won't let us), I grew them inside in pots. I told her about it and sher, in turn, was inspired to grow some inside for winter use. She is twice my age but she's very friendly and a lot of fun to talk to. She had me over for lunch today. She met me at the exit and she took me on a drive around the mountain to see the colors before we made it up to her house. We saw a moose and tried to get a picture of it but it kept running out of view until it finally went into the trees and disappeared. She had told me about her house before. She said it was very small and that all 4 of her kids slept in the loft. I wasn't quite expecting it to be as small as it was. You walk through a small, closed in porch which is open to the rest of the house. The laundry room is in there. You walk through the hall. Bathroom on one side, bedroom on the other. Then you're in the main area. There' a one-butt kitchen on one side and a small living room with a wood stove which is the only heat for the house. On the end of the kitchen is a small dining area. There's a glassed in porch beyond that. The stairs to the loft are in the middle of the walkway to the porch. There's enough room for all four beds with bookcases between each bed and then almost double that across from the beds. The loft is almost the length of the house, plus the back porch. It was very cozy but I couldn't believe she was able to keep 6 people living in ther for the past 16 years! She lives up in Tollagte Canyon. The views were amazing! I wish I could live there.

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