Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last night's adventures

I went down to help Jared and Debbie move their things out. Everything went smoothly enough until we got to the storage unit. They have to use special locks and the storage place people didn't put their lock on the door. So after everyone loaded it up, Jared and I went to find a solution to his problem. We found a trailer lock a Walmart. It was perfect...until we got back to the unit and found out that the hole was only accessable when the door was closed and latched. So we went back to Walmart and looked for the right kind of lock. They didn't have one but suggested we go to Lowe's.

We went to Lowe's and a very muscular man was trying to help us find the right thing. He was incredibly slow and we were in a hurry so we could get back before the storage place closed for the night. In the end, they didn't have what we needed so we came up with a McGuyver plan. Jared bought what we needed and we got to the storage place as it closed.

We parked in the parking lot across from his unit. When we were unloading the truck, the fence seemed a lot shorter than it did when we were faced with climbing it. Climbing fences is much easier when your feet are small enough to fit inside the holes but that wasn't the case for either of us now. To top it off, the chain link fence is the kind that has the metal prongs on top. We found an area that the prongs were just about even with the top tube so it was much less dangerous. We found pallets nearby and used them as ladders.

Our plan took some work to actually make happen. I taped a padlock to the inside of the door, a loop of zip tie was later attatched. Then, we were able to stuff the zip tie behind the hole so when the latch was closed, we could reach it with our fingers. Jared latched onto it with one finger and refused to let go and he somehow managed to pull the zip tie through the hole. It was finished up with another padlock attatched to the zip tie sticking out. Not the most secure lock ever but it was more secure than it was before we got there.

We climbed back over the fence and got rid of the evidence of us being there (the pallets). Then, we both ate pizza at his house. I left much later than I had planned on but it was a fun evening.

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