Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bonneville Shoreline Trail hike with Valerie

On one of the mornings shortly before I left for my bike trip, Valerie came to pick me up for a hike. We got on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Provo Canyon near Bridal Veil Falls. We weren't really sure how far we'd get. The kids had an early out day so Valerie was needed back home later...although Robin did tell her he'd be home so she didn't have to rush. Good thing, because we didn't make back in time for her to be there for the kids.

It was VERY green up there for late summer. I could hardly believe it! There were a few trees and bushes that were changing colors but it was mostly just green.

I asked Valerie to bring a backpack so I could carry water and some food. And I can't believe how heavy I made that thing! Sings of things to come for my bike trip. ;o) I wore it for a while but Valerie ended up taking it somtime before we even got off the connector trail (it was pretty long). She was wheezing so badly, I was scared for her. So once I got the backpack back, I refused to let her have it back. I couldn't have her dying on me up there.

At one point, very early on, we had stopped to take pictures and this mountain biker came hurling down the trail toward us. He never even slowed down. I jumped out of the way and he just flew by so fast that I didn't Valerie had seen him to get out of his way and I almost screamed but there was no crashing sounds so I looked back and everything was ok.

The trail is kind of steep going toward the Shoreline Trail. Then when it hits the trail, it stays kind of flat for a while and it's more like a nature walk and very relaxing. But after a bit, it begins climbing some more. We finally made it out of the canyon and we were heading closer and closer to Squaw Peak. Valerie was very determined to make it there. But at about 6 miles in, we turned around. Even if Robin was there for the kids, she still had dinner to make for the missionaries. Poor Valerie was so disappointed that we didn't make it to Squaw Peak. Maybe we can make it next time!

We had already done the majority of our climbing getting to the point but the ups were feeling more up than they had on the first half of the hike. But we finally made it. We were both feeling fine...except for Valerie's headache. I'm sorry I never offered you some of my water...I thought you just weren't drinking because you weren't thirsty.

We got in the car and drove toward the house and about half way home, Valerie was saying her hands were numb and she was hyperventilating. So I convinced her to pull over and let me drive the rest of the way home.

At the house, she was able to drink some water and eat something since we had burned over 2000 calories! She was feeling a little better when she left. She was going to pick up pizzas on the way home since she didn't feel like cooking but she started feeling so much better that she decided to cook after all.

Back in 2001, I went on a hike with Jared on Mt. Timp. It had just snowed badly and the signs warned of avalanche danger. We saw a few little avalanches across the mountains but nothing big at all. We kept going. We came to a spot where we were debating on whether or not to turn around. I took my backpack off and was taking pictures. Jared continued climbing up a bit. The trail was covered in slick snow. He slipped and started sliding toward a pretty high cliff. I put my hand out so he could grab it as he slid past but he wouldn't take it and I was screaming at him. Somehow, his heel caught the edge of this little rock that was sticking out at the very edge of the cliff. So between that hike and this one, I may never get anyone to go hiking with me again. But everyone lived so that has to count for something!

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Valerie said...

I have to do it again (or a similar one) to prove I can do it next time!

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