Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 5

Bryce - Kodachrome Basin State Park
25.52 miles
5.8 avg. speed
611 ft ascent 2266 ft descent

Since it was a short day, we were all lazy about getting going. It was a very cold morning & we had a pretty big descent to go down so no one was in a rush. Chill wind would have been too severe. But as it turned out, I didn't go downhill that quickly. There was too much wonderful sceery to look at so I stopped a lot. Stopped to do a short hike to Mossy Cave & Falls. There were some hoodoos too, but not nearly as many as in Bryce.

I caught up to Dave & Rob Jones in Tropic. They had just finished their second breakfast while I was only there for water and a restroom. I did end up buying some snacks in the store though. When I got out to my bike, Cheryl was sitting there eating a Subway sandwich.. All 4 of us took off together but I soon spotted a pioneer museum and broke from the pack. Turned out it wasn't open.

It was a very nice ride. I took my time being a tourist. I found a sandal on the side of the road and thought it was Randy's so I strapped it to the bike. I took it all the way to camp but it wasn't his after all. Oh well.

Got to the turnoff for Kodachrome. The Escalante Staircase National Monument visitors' center was there. I went in but it really isn't much to look at. I took a back road and found the city hall building. It had 3 apple trees. They were dropping apples so I grabbed some for the group and threw them in my handlebar bag.

I came across Rob & Dave who wasfixing a flat. They still got to camp before me though.

I went for the nature walk, then did the Grand Parade hike as well. Dinner was another group thing. We all had to carry two items in for it. I carried a box of no bake cheesecake and a can of mixed veggies. Dinner was reay by the time I got back. Some kind of soup. It was good. Dessert was a vanilla cheesecake and a chocolate one. We ate very well tonight!

Had a shower, washed my dishes & clothes. Then it was time to head to the star show. Wegot to look at a ring nebula, Jupiter & 3 of its moons, M-82 - the cigar galaxy, and a star cluster in Hercules. The night was getting pretty chilly at that point so I left.

It's 10 now. I'm exhausted. Good nigh!

Only antelope sighting

Mossy Cave
Mossy Cave Falls

Rob Jones



Valerie said...

You don't even live in Utah and you see more of it than I do. So pretty!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Great pics! glad you enjoyed yourself... although the trip would be torture for me! way to go, accomplishing your goal and all

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