Friday, October 2, 2009

Tucker Tidbits

Tucker and I have become really good friends. I love that dog! He has proven destructive...but I think that will pass as he leaves puppyhood behind. It sure helped Bear and Jasmine anyway. He is the sweetest dog. And even though he is almost twice as big as Bear, he has never used his size against Bear (though I think he definitely should). Really though, Tucker has no idea he's so big. He still crawls into my lap when I sit on the chair. His body hangs over both chair arms but he lays there and falls asleep. He lives to be with me. That is what makes me saddest about having to find Tucker a new home. I will miss him and that bothers me too but what is hardest is that I don't kow how he'll be treated, or if he'll be played with, or walked, or loved and treasured as much as I love him. He is such a loveable dog so I am sure someone will love him to pieces but there is that unknown. Will I make the right choice in who I entrust him with? I wish I could keep him but the timing is all wrong.

A collection of some of Tucker's toys (some dog toys, some other things he has acquired).

Tucker enjoying his favorite thing...chewing

His ears were folded in opposite directions after a big jump.

Tucker was jumping for a tennis ball and I caught him mid-air!

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Valerie said...

Sorry you'll have to find him a new home. I really can't imagine how much work 4 dogs is! But obviously they are part of your family and you do it out of love.

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