Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 3

Otter Creek - Bryce Canyon
46.21 miles
6.1 avg. speed
2232 ft ascent 1401 descent

I found out today that while I was the only who got a downpour yesterday, I was also the only one to get a crosswind the majority of the day and a huge tailwaind for another big part of the day. I guess being last has its good points. Well, today, not so much.

Well the day started off slow. Vince was up at 6:30 making noise. Some of the people who fell asleep 2 hours before me slept through it. I woke up too but was moving slowly. I ate my leftovers from dinner w/o reheating it. I was the last one to leave camp. Most everyone had breakfast in Antimony. I stopped there to use the restroom. I was quickly passed by a couple of people just leaving after me. It started to sprinkle. That would be the order of the day.

Just past Antimony, we dropped into Black Canyon. Lots of cool rock formations. I rode with Vince & Rob Paull for awhile, about 6 miles. We stopped at the old flour mill. That's where Cheryl caught up to us. I got left behind there. We had to start climbing out of the canyon. The hard climbing ended with a treaterous headwind that continued for most of the day. For about 1 1/2 hours, Cheryl & Rob would wait for me while they took a break but eventually, I took too long to get to them so I quit running into them.

I have learned a new skill...going to the bathroom outside. It is not an easy thing to do and I must be certain I am on my own and where no one can see me. The first couple of times I tried it, I was unable to do it. But I have done it 3 times now. It's funny how when I see a good spot, I really think about what a great bathroom spot it would make. But when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I finally pulled off my rain pants and decided that when it rained, I would put them back on. It started and stopped & repeated several times so I finally just left them on. But I didn't put on my rain jacket until it really started. I stopped to make a PB&J sandwich. I figured if I didn't do it then. I may not be able to eat one because of the rain that was threatening. No sooner had I finished making my sandwich then it started raining. I ate it quickly and rode away.

There was a pass that rob had pointed out to me that we would be crossing. For the longest time, the sky started blue above it though it continued to rain on me. I was trying to get there as quickly as I could but before I could get there, it began raining there too.

By the time I made it to the pass, it was raining very ahrd. It began to hail. The trees were getting smaller & thining out which really worried me because the lighning was striking & thunder was crashing almost immediately. I got out as soon as I could. My gloves ended up getting water in them from the top & my shoes ended up leaking too.

But finally, I made it past the rain and I took off all my rain gear. The sign said I had only 3.3 miles to the major intersection. Only a mile or so after that point.

Not too far down the road, cows were open range roaming on the side of the road. I pleaded with them to stay put while I rode by on the other side of the road. They did.

The second time that day someone stopped to ask if I needed anything. The first was a woman in a pikup. It was just really beginning to rain. She asked if I needed a ride. I told her no but thanks. Honestly, I really didn't want one. On day one, I was spent and didn't know if I could make it before it got too alte. Today I knew there was no problem. I was tired, but not overly so. The second lady was in a minivan with a touring bike on top of her car. She asked if I needed anything. We spoke for a few minutes before we parted ways. FInally, I could see the intersection. I crossed it just in time to see Rob & Cheryl coming from the Subway. I stopped to talk to them when a couple on a 4 month tour of the US pulled up. Theyw ere from England. The both had beautiful accents. It was neat to meet other tourists.

The final mile to the campsite was really hard. Very windy. But we made it. I set up my tent then took a shower. It was raining when I came out.

Dinner was Pizza Pan Biscuits. They were ok...could use some improvement. But they certainly filled me up. I tried calling Adam over at the gift shop but it was $2.50 to use a calling card so I didn't. Bought a cookie and got into the tent.

It's going to be a pretty cold night. Dayy off tomorrow. My legs really need it. 9:45 now and I can hardly keep my eyes open.


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Valerie said...

Pretty yellows and blues! I really like the pic of the wheel with the flowers.

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