Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 4

Bryce Canyon rest day
5 mile hike

Slept till 7 but went back to the sleeping bag for an hour. It was COLD! Finally got ouf bed dressed in thermals, tights, fleece jacket & hat and still chilled. But I cooked oatmeal with brown sugar, powdered milk, raisins & peanut butter & 2 cups of mint hot chocolate besides. Warmed me up enough to change into capris & t-shirt with the jacket over that.

After breakfast was cleaned up, the Robs, Dave and I boarded the shuttle into Bryce. They all had their National Parks passes so I got in for free. I only brought my biking shoes. But we went for a hike. We did the Wall Street, Queen's Garden & Sunset Point trails. A few miles long. The shoes really weren't meant for hiking and my feet are killing me today. Hope that doesn't cause problems. One other painful thing is my right ear. Right where my sunglasses rest on my ear is very tender. There is a lump there so in that regard, it's going to be a rough next few days. Anyway, it was a beautiful hike. I stopped at the visitors' center on the way back looking for something to bring home for Adam. Nothing. But outside the visitors' center, I found a payphone and called Adam. We talked for a bit. After that call, I called his Grandma Betty. I made plans to see her on Friday when I get into Boulder. By then I was awfully chilled. I took the shuttle back to the campground.

I took my bike out to check out the teepees. I met a guy who was staying in one and talked to him about it. He let me in to see what they looked like. They havea full canvas floor so you can't put a fire in it.

Too chilled to go on, I pout most of my clothes on and headed to the general store & bought postcards and stamps. Dinner was a group thing.

Now I'm camped in the Ruby's Inn lobby for warmth & light. Will be going to bed soon though.

Ground squirell that wasn't at all afraid of humans

The Robs and Dave (the guys I hiked with)

My tent and bike.

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