Sunday, October 11, 2009

Atlanta Flood (my birthday)

On my birthday, while I was dry and visiting with my family, Atlanta was flooding. Lawrenceville wasn't hit as hard as some of the other areas but they still got a lot of rain. The reports say that 18 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period in Atlanta. Rivers all over were overflowing from the week of constant rain and flooding whole subdivisions, tearing up roads and pushing RV's out of their way. ll in all, 7 people were reported dead from the flooding. Back at our house, out basement filled up with ab out an inch of water. Adam, Barry and Lanette worked hard to save our belongings. Most everything we own is in the basement, still packed in boxes while the house is under construction. Wet boxes were thrown away and everything loaded into new, dry boxes and stacked on tables. Then they used a wet vac to suck up all the water and set a fan in there to help dry it out. Thanks so much for all the hard work! These pics below are not pics I took, I swiped them from the internet but it gives you an idea of what was going on here. I did see some flooded areas (including a road) on my flight back home.

neighborhood in Austell

One of the interstates

Six Flags, don't die!


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Valerie said...

Scary! I'm glad that they were able to save your things and that your area wasn't hit as hard as some of the other parts of Georgia. So funny comment about Six Flags. :)

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