Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 1 (pics in backward order)

(I'm just going to pull all the text directly from my journal for the ride days)

Torrey - Fish Lake
48.44 miles (38 miles of riding for me)
8:30:40 ride time (well, not exactly...I left it on while I got the ride and still forgot to turn it off for a while at camp...maybe an hour or two...just not really sure)
5.7 avg. speed according to the computer which doesn't know I didn't ride the whole distance/time

The stats for the day are wrong. I didn't ride the whole distance. I got a ride form a nice couple in a pickup when I had about 10 more miles to camp.

This was a HARD day!! The morning was cold & quite windy. The headwind pushed on us for the first 10 miles or so. Then the sun finally started warming things up.

Cathy, from Bicknell, showed us a nice road to ride on. Then it was back to climbing. I was sort of able to keep up with Cheryl until the hills. They went on for the rest of the day and I felt like I would die.

The scenery was beautiful but I didn't get the chance to take too many pis on the first part of the day because I was trying to keep up with the slower of the others. I finally gave up on the hills though.

So I made it to the first reservoir but the second one seemed forever away. I tried so hard but my brakes were clamped ontot the rim and there was a headwind and hills so it was nearly impossible. I thought I could make it to the sampsite but a couple of hours had gone by and I had only gone three miles! I was almost out of water and I found a Gatorade bottle, still sealed, on the side of the road so I picked it up knowing I may really need it later.

As I was walking my bike up the hill, that's when the pickup pulled up. They told me how far behind the others I was and asked if I wanted a lift and a couple of bottles of water. I I ended up taking the ride to the parking lot of the campground. That meant I lost the privilege of riding the downhill but my lungs had hadit. I was weezing and just sitting in the truck was taxing on my lungs so I wasn't sorry I missed the downhill. The truck pulled into the parking lot just before Cheryl and Vince so I beat them. ;o) But I still had to bike up a long hill to the campsite so I was still last to camp anyway.

At camp, Rob Paull fixed my bike for me. (I didn't have anymore trouble with it for the rest of the ride.)

I cooked lentils & rice for dinner. I ate a lot of other snacks too. I made too much so it'll be lentils & rice for breakfast too.

Tomorrow is supposed to be an easier day. We'll see. It's not even 9 PM yet but I'm exhausted. Hope tomorrow goes better.

(Pics are in backward order so start at the bottom and work your way up. My computer won't let me move them around for some reason.)

small glimpse of Fish Lake

In the campground heading up the hill to our site

Getiing closer. I thought I'd get to the top at any minute but bever did

Big fire...looked like a volcano was ready to erupt

The first view of fall

My bike

Vince - he is always the first one up in the morning and he leaves early. I think it was killing him to have to wait around.

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