Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 8

Boulder - Torrey


38:53 miles

4.6 avg. speed

3190 ft ascent 3544 ft descent

In the morning, I was just a bit behind Rob Paull, Cheryl & Randy. We met at Boulder Mesa Restaurant for breakfast. It took about an hour to get the flood and I was starving! I got 2 slices of french toast, sausage & potatoes. They were good but everyone left before I was done eating. I stayed about 30 minutes to digest a bit of food before the climb. You basically start climbing as soon as you hit the road. By the time I got to the other end of Boulder, I hadalready climbed almost 1000'. Cheryl said the climbs last for about 15 miles. There wasn't even a wisp of clouds in the sky when I got started. But as soon as I was making the climb, a billowy cloud started to grow & expand quickly. It became a thunderhead cloud. I taxed my legs & lungs for the rest of the ride trying to stay ahead of it. But it eventually caught up to me as it devoured the sun.

I made it to the summit. I was told that there were still going to be a couple of climbs after that but I wasn't expecting how hard it would be. There were a couple of downhills but the uphills would come back with a vengence. Once the downhills finally started, I had to put on my rain gear just to stay warm enough. I stopped at the old Ranger's station for a bathroom/food break.

Eventually, Rob came to find me in his car. He came just before the real downhills started. 8 & 10% downgrades! It was beautiful! I made it to Torrey just as the rain was starting to fall again.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

All your pictures are gorgeous! Love the squirrel shot... pretty sweet! It is amazing what you accomplished!

Valerie said...

I would have died! (You know I really would have.) I love that second picture--the one of the trees. They're all pretty and it looks like from all these day reports that you got to see lots of beautiful scenery.

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