Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 2

Fish Lake - Otter Creek

5:18:59 riding time
44.67 miles
8.4 avg. speed
832 ft ascent 3377 ft descent

The morning wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. But I could hear rain hitting the tent a few times through the night and the clouds stayed around all day but it wasn't raining.

I took down camp, which was in a beautiful aspen grove in Bowery Creek Campground. I ate my leftover dinner for breakfast. Zig taught me that if you just leave it in the pot and put a heavish rock on it, the animals can't get in. Good energy food.

Started the day off with tights, long-sleeved jersey & rain gloves. But the gloves came off quickly and the jersey as well. I kept the tights on until just before Koosharem.

We did quite a bit of climbing to get out of the Fish Lake Valley. After the climb, it was a lot of downhill! I overcame my fear of going fast downhill & hit 39.44 MPH. I felt so good. But I was having trouble letting myself go over 30 when the road had some curves to it. I think I'll be ok with downhills now. I think it totaled 10 miles of downhills. It was great.

After Koosharem, it was mostly flat but there were some rollers too. It was about 25 miles of that. The wind was pushing us backward. I was trying to make some progress to beat the storm that was moving in. Eventually the storm caught me. I got off the bike to put on the rain gear. The wind picked up and my rain pants were flying horizontally so I had to work to get them on. In total, it took me about 30 minutes to get me and the bike water proof. The rain stopped after 15 minutes. Every time I took off a piece of rain gear, it would start raining again. I finally decided it felt good so left the rain gear (except pants) off.

I finally made it to camp, last again. There were free hot showers that were wonderful! Our group reserved the pavillion. It's supposed to rain tonight so we are all camping under the pavillion without tents.

I really enjoyed today despite the rain and headwinds.

Bought a calling card from the store across the street and talked to Adam for a little bit.

Zig, bot Robs and I split the cost of ingredients of spaghetti alfredo with chicken & peas & split the meal. There was so much food! I couln't eat my 1/4 so I saved it for breakfast. I'll try eating it cold. May be able to get away without diggin out the stove.

Not too late but I will sleep.

This is the out of order pic (accidentally erased it).

Koosharem City Park was our only water stop available that day. No restrooms.

Leaving Fish Lake

This is where the out of order pic goes.

Even pioneers had satellites. Who knew!?

There was this little Indian dweeling type thing in the hillside on a short trail at the park. This is the smoke hole in the roof.

We rented the pavillion for the night. Everyone claimed a table and either slept on it or next to it that night.

By far, my fav. pic of the day. Shows both the beauty and torture of such a trip.

The last half of the day, I was headed for the tunnel of light.

Even the rain has a silver lining


Zig and Rob Paull (we and Rob Jones went in on dinner ingredients together that night and Zig cooked for us)

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Valerie said...

Gorgeous pics both days you posted so far!!! I would never make it on those long days of uphill exercise. Glad you did.

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