Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 7

Escalante - Boulder


27.60 miles

3.74 avg. speed

I stopped in town after being the first out of camp, even beating Vince out! I got a foot long sub & some new sunglasses to replace the broken ones. They fit great. I really like them.

The first part of my day wasn't bad. A little uphill then flat for a while. Then the climbing began. Then a beautiful downhill with a few reststops/scenic views. At the first stop, two of the guys from the other group met up wiith me and we talked for a few minutes and took pictures for each other.

At the bottom of this beautiful downhill was Escalante River. There was a short hike to some petroglyphs and pictographs. CHeryl led the way on the hike. Then she showed us a granary on a cliff side.

After that, it was climbing until the descent into Boulder. We went UP the hog's back. Beautiful scenery but exhausting, with no shade. When I got to the top, there was a view stop. I pulled over and got into a juniper bush for shade. The only shade for the last few hours. 2 large tour buses pulled over. I ran over to get my bike out of the way but they were all so excited about my bike and gear that I wasn't actually able to leave that spot. A few of them talked to me. They were German & Swiss so only a few knew English. I was told by a woman that many people were saying they admired me for getting up that hill. The whole time they were there, my picture was getting snapped like crazy. I even had a few people pose with me for pictures.

Then it was slow downhill for a bit. But a great downhill into Boulder. I got to camp (red barn). I ate the rest (2/3) of my sub. Then lounged until I called Betty. I took a shower at her house. She dried my clothes in her dryer. Then we & Laura went to the Burr Trail Grill for dinner. We went back to her house to collect my stuff then she returned me to the barn. It was dark & everyone was asleep so I had to find my flashlight in the dark & set up my bed as quietly as possible. With that done, I fell asleep promptly.

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