Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer cooking begins

Thanks for the suggestions of summer food. Adam broke down and turned the AC on, he couldn't take it anymore. It had been in the 90's for weeks with really high humidity. But since then, it's climbed into the low 100's with really high humidity. I am still going to do my best to make summery foods...and I have plans on cooking outside (we dont have a grill so I'm formulating a plan) when possible. At the very least, I am really going to try not to do any baking in the house, other than bread. I still want my bread.

To start off our summer food, I made this fruity chicken salad. It had cooked chicken (I had cooked it before and frozen it), 3 kinds of lettuce, sprouts, frozen strawberries and peaches (and pecans on my portion). It was yummy and nice and cool during the heat wave.


Us said...

Looks yummy! I kinda miss having pecans sometimes.

Valerie said...

I would definitely have pecans on my salad too. It looks super delish! Sorry about your weather. We can't get warm weather and you can't get rid of it.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Looks good! Ugh.... in the low 100's?! YUCK!

Valerie not your sister said...

I love it when salads involve fruits & nuts !
good luck for the 100's. and especially humidity (it makes my hair frizzy & worse i have asthma)
it has suddenly cooled down here and we're now in the low 70ies daytime... i'm even having a cup of hot tea tonight

Tiff :o) said...

I do get jealous of all of you who are enjoying nicer weather this time of year...summer can be cruel here. But I am just fine missing the long winter you've had to deal with.

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