Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 showers

Part of my running around last week was due to two showers, a baby shower and a wedding shower.

The baby shower was for my sister in law. A friend of hers, who lives near her, was going to throw it for her. But it turned out her brother was graduating the same day and couldn't do it after all, so with just a week before the shower, it fell on Katie to do her own shower. I asked her if she wanted me to bring food, or anything at all...she said that just coming early would be everything she needed from me. So I left straight from work and got to her house 2 hours later. Without traffic, it's a one hour drive from home, about 40 minutes from my office. Oh well. Anyway, I got busy slicing fruit and arranging platters of food.

Katie invited a Herindi (I think that's how it's spelled) to do a henna tattoo on her belly to celebrate the arrival of her baby. A few other people also got henna tattoos. While it's not my thing, I think the artist did a really good job.

One of the games (who another friend took over when the first friend backed out) was that Katie had to guess which candy bar was in the diaper. They had been melted and it looked WAY TOO realistic! I mean, I'm not one to back away from chocolate but I didn't want anything to do with this stuff.

I love this picture...the expression of the girl's face (in the upper corner) is priceless! Yes, it was that bad!

There were 4 of these diapers... this one brought out the best expression from her. ;o)

She had so many guests that there wasn't enough seating, even with a few people sitting on other people's laps. She opened her gifts and got a bunch of cute clothes, and some other things she wanted for the baby. She's due on the 24th but I don't think he'll wait that long. We'll see. I left at a little after 10. It was a LONG day but fun.

The wedding shower was for the daughter of a family friend. We have a regular group of families that meet at a pizza place once a month. Her family is in that group. I don't know Annie, the woman getting married, but her Mom is so super nice and friendly so I went anyway.

This has nothing to do with the shower but I finally learned how to do a fishtail braid and did it for the first time on the drive over. I hitched a ride with Lanette so I wasn't driving. I''m pretty pleased with it. It's really easy.

One of the ladies cooked dinner for everyone. We ate and socialized before Annie started opening her presents. This shower was just for the Stevie B's group (the group of us that meet at the pizza place) so none of her friends were there, except for the daughters of the other Stevie B's people.

They played a couple of games, trying to embarrass her but she took it all rather well. Another fun night.

I was the only one to bring a camera to both showers so it's a good thing I did.


Valerie said...

No one took cameras? How sad. That henna work is nice even though it's not my thing either. Nice braid!

Tiff :o) said...

Well, someone brought a camera to the wedding shower but she only got one picture before her battery died.

Valerie said...

this sounds so much fun to me ! in France, sad place where people don't know how to have fun, we don't have all these baby/wedding etc... showers.
the henna looks pretty. i had some done on each of my trips to Morocco. i just don't like the "fading stage" when it turns our bright orange !!
did you do the braid yourself ? i can't figure how people braid their hair themselves !!

Tiff :o) said...

I would be one of those people who don't know how to have fun...I don't especially enjoy the showers so I usually only go to those of people I know really well. I have a different kind of fun. Is there anywhere you haven't been??

This braid is really easy to do on yourself. Easier than a basic three strand braid even. French braids, dutch braids, waterfall braids, crown braids...those are much harder to do on yourself and they usually come out looking pretty sloppy when I do those. You could do this one.

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