Monday, June 13, 2011

rope braid

This braid was hard earned! I had been trying to get it for about 3 weeks before I stumbled onto the correct way to do it. I was giving up for the morning and did something a little different. Well, that little change I made was the thing I was doing wrong and I was able to finally get all the pieces of the puzzle. It's so easy once you know what you're doing but figuring it out is not!

Here it is with a flip through at the top. I really like the look of this one, but it makes my hair look shorter.

I did it again a few days later to make sure I knew how to do it. This time, it was just done with a regular ponytail. Success, finally!


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Very pretty! You have a talent for doing hair!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. I figured I'd better learn to do something with it or I'd end up chopping it off again...and I don't want that.

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