Wednesday, June 8, 2011

arrow head ride

I went for a bike ride on my road bike which isn't equipped with anything to fix a flat...I got a flat after running through a giant pot hole when I was about 9 miles from home. I COULD walk that in regular shoes but that's how I envisioned the rest of my evening playing out...and I wasn't wearing regular shoes, I was wearing my stiff soled, racing, biking shoes with the metal cleat on the bottom that makes me toes point upward. In short, they're not made for walking more than a few steps. So I had to call Adam...and now I have to fix the flat tube. Good thing I have another bike, cause I don't know when I'll get around to it...

Anyway, none of these pictures are from that ride... I was going to group a few rides into this one post but Blogger was giving me grief while trying to upload pictures so I gave up and ended up with pics from just this ride.

I rode out to Freeman's Mill where the Mill still sits. It's not used anymore but was recently restored for its historic value. The dam is broken and makes a great swimming hole.

I spotted an arrow on the ground as I biked by. I stopped and parked my bike. I walked back to the arrow and was disappointed that the arrow head was no longer attached. I walked away but then turned back in search for the arrow head. I found it! So, I slipped the arrow head in my pocket and since I had no way to carry the arrow, I lashed it to the bike with blades of grass. It worked really well!

I spotted this nice little bird house on a well pump structure.

On the same land is a pond. I went to check it out and found three raised beds that someone is looking after. Seemed like a very nice place for a garden to me!

And while I passed this tree on my way in, I hadn't noticed it until I was leaving. Two trees giving each other a great big bear hug! So cool! Natural or manmade? Not sure, but either way, it's so neat!


Stella Andes said...

Sorry about your flat tire, Tiff! The pictures are cool. I especially like the one with the two trees hugging each other. Remarkable!

Valerie said...

I cannot keep up with all your posts lately! Your picturs make me want to go on a hike.

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks guys. :o) Take your kids on a hike, Valerie...wether they like it or not. ;o)

Mom, I'm thinking about training a couple trees in my yard to do would be so neat to have that in my yard!

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