Wednesday, June 8, 2011

spider web at night

I was taking some veggie scraps out to the compost bin in the woods and nearly walked right into this big spider web with a small spider sitting smack dab in the center. I marveled at the workmanship of it for a few minutes. The light from my flashlight attracted some bugs and one was unlucky enough to get caught in the web and quick as a wink, he was on top of it. He wrapped it up quickly but in the process, he made a gapping hole in the web.


Valerie okay now you know i'm not your sister, right ?!! said...

wow you took these with only your flashlight and no other specific camera settings ? this is amazing ! i love the whole serie !!

Tiff :o) said...

lol...ok, I promise, I won't make the mistake again! lol

Yeah, I just held it below the web and pointed up and it lit it up pretty well. I got a lot of blurry ones too though.

Anonymous said...

hi, i love your webs at night. would it be okay if i use one of these images to base a painting on? it's for a poet actually; i will be painting someone's poem. thank you, susan

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