Saturday, June 11, 2011

Samuel is born

Yesterday, my newest nephew, Samuel Emrys was born. We had Isaac fora little bit. Adam took him on a tow, then we got home around the same time. Played some Mario Kart for a little bit, then took him to eat at McDonald's (YUCK!) since that's what he really wanted. Then, we made the drive up to the hospital where we got to spend about 45 minutes with their new family.

Isaac was so cute! He kept commenting on how cute Samuel is and how soft. He even got to hold him. I asked him how long he thought it would be before Samuel could lay with him and he said, "Probably in 30 years, then he'll be 4 or something like that." lol He also kept telling both his parents how much he missed them and was giving them hugs. He's such a sweet boy and I'm sure he'll be a great big brother.

Aaron, Isaac and Samuel.

Here he is. He is so cute...looks exactly like Isaac did when he was born, though Katie and Aaron don't think so. Lanette agrees with me.

He was opening his eyes a lot toward the end of our visit...time to eat, he was thinking.

Long fingers!!

Samuel was 2 weeks early. They called us at 5 in the morning to tell us they were headed to the hospital. When the embroidery shop opened, Adam called and ordered these to things for Samuel...a hat and a bib. He'll have to grow some in order to fit into them.

Adam was pretty pleased with his gifts. lol Aaron and Katie thought they were cool too. Aaron was the one who designed the logo so it means something to him as well as to Adam. If you look at the first pic, Aaron is actually wearing his Road Ranger shirt as well.

Katie and her two boys. She's so happy to have him there healthy and alive. There were many disappointments while trying to have a second baby. I'm glad she was able to finally get her second...just 4 more to go. But for now, she's very happy.

It's always fun to have a new member of the family, especially a baby, since you get to see them develop into a person. I'm excited to get to know him and see him grow.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

He is a cutie! Congrats on becoming an aunt again! We love you and miss you!

Us said...

How cute!! They seem like a cute family! And you guys are such a great aunt/uncle!

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