Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tucker is finally growing up. He can usually be trusted inside the house while we're gone (as long as we've secured all items that smell like us (clothes & shoes mostly) or food, or plastic objects that have had food in it (tupperware). Sometimes those things are safe, depending on how much exercise he's gotten in the day or two leading up to the temptation. We still have a few cardboard boxes laying around but he hasn't really touched them in a while. He really prefers chewing on his toys these days.

He spends his day napping outside, mostly. Then, when I get home, he's all riled up and ready for some running, chasing a ball, whatever it is, he just wants to be active! But no matter how much play time he gets, or how long the walk is, he just doesn't want to sleep much when I'm home. He constantly brings me toys so we can play together, or is chewing on Adam's foot, or trying to get the other dogs to play with him, Jack usually.

We have many laughs at his expense because he's just a goofy dog. He loves his stuffed toys, like I said, and lays on his back and holds the toys up in the air with his paws while he chews on them. The toy falls and he has to pick it back up often. Usually, when the camera comes out, he gets up to onvestigate but I finally got some of him playing upside down...but he lost interest in the toy when he saw the camers...so he's not playing with it in the pics. But he was still being goofy.

Around 10 PM, he just can't stay awake anymore, and he finds some place close to me and curls up and falls asleep. The moment I start walking up the stairs, he senses it and runs to catch up to me and comes up to the bedroom with me.

Aren't his feet cute all tucked up near his head?


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

He's a momma's boy! He is just too excited to see you to sleep. Smart guy! Fun pics of Tucker!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. I was hopiong he'd show off his extra skin flaps or lip flaps but he didn't really.

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