Friday, May 6, 2011

sock bun curling

I found this video on youtube about sock buns. I was curious so I watched it. It is the most amazing thing. You take a sock, cut off the toe and roll it into a donut shape. I have a white sock and I then rolled a knee high (one of those cheap ones you can buy in a little plastic egg) that was close to my hair color. That way it doesn't show through if you don't get your hair all the way around it. So to make the bun, you make a ponytail and put a ponytail holder in it. The you thread your ponytail through it. Then you proceed to roll your hair in it as you bring it down to the scalp. It stays like magic! No pins, no scrunchies, no nothing. It's just too neat. And the thing is, it looks really nice too. Way better than my buns ever look. I watched another video by the same girl about how to use this technique to curl your hair. She had these beautiful curls so I tried it after spraying my hair with a water bottle. No curls at all. So I tried again with wetter hair. I think I let it dry way too much though before putting it up because the curls disappeared the moment I brushed it.

So here it is before I went to bed.

This is after I woke up. It really holds well!

Then I took it down and this is what I saw. Not as much curl as I was hooping for but I was happy enough with it.

Then I put it up and that was all the curl that was left! Uggghhh! I really dislike my hair's stubbornness!

I am going to try again though with wetter hair...and maybe put some gel in it to help it hold.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

That is cool! Your hair looks really pretty with curls!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks...maybe someday I'll figure out how to make it be/stay curly.

Valerie said...

I never heard of that, but it did curl your hair so pretty. I'd definitely try gel or mousse. I've found that mousse is better on my hair when it's long. But everyone's hair is different. You look pretty either way--curly or straight hair. :)

Stella Andes said...

Wow, cool! I love that your hair appears to be different shades in each picture. Wonder what shade it really is! Anyway, that is a great idea, and I will try it, since my hair is stick straight. I seldom blow dry my hair in the mornings because it's too loud. So maybe I can do something along those lines. Gotta try this!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks, Valerie.

Well, you know I don't color my hair so it's the same brown it always has been...I'm thinking the second picture down is the most true tone. I thought it was weird how red the bottom two turned out! If you give it a shot, let me know how it turns out.

Valerie said...

ooooh the bun is beautiful ! so hype ! and your hair is so pretty & shiny mine curls naturally, even more when i was a child, but it is very dry i have problemq with that. you can't have it !
i love this picture of you (last one)

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks. :o)

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