Friday, May 6, 2011

fluffing the pillow

This has been a very busy week, for Adam even more than for me. Adam's friend's father died on Saturday (a week ago) and he's been spending a lot of time at their house, helping out and then coming home and doing things to get ready for the viewings and funeral. The last couple of nights, we've stayed up late working on finishing up the slideshow and programs. Today was the funeral and I took the day off of work since the funeral was in the middle of the day. I slept in until noon and I can't tell you how much I needed it. I do hate wasting my whole day asleep though. The funeral was nice. The Temple president spoke as well as the former Swedish Temple president (where he served a mission with his wife). They'd been temple workers for the last 26 years. He got to see the newly renovated temple one time before he passed away.

Anyway, I needed to relax a little one evening after waking the dogs and before Adam got home and we started work on more of the preparations. We go through lots of pillows at our house. We like them firm and in no time, it seems, they are FLAT. We both really need new pillows again. This time, instead of adding more pillows to our ever growing stash, I decided to do some transplanting. Tucker had eaten the corner off one of the pillows when he was a puppy and I kept the pillow around anyway. (Still need to mend the pillowcase so it can get back into circulation.) That was the donor pillow.

I took Adam's pillow and cut a slit, large enough for my arm to get in there and move around in, in the blue band on the side. I took fluff and filled in the spots that were fluffless (is that a word?). Once the pillow was full again, I stitched up the hole with a whip stitch. Nothing fancy, or pretty...but it did the job.

Instead of buying new pillows, I'll just keep adding fluff from older pillows. I have a problem. I can't throw them away when they're still usable so this way, they actually will get used up without filling up a landfill...and saving us money at the same time.

Now, I just need to get mine done!


Us said...

You are awesome! You can certainly save a lot of money reusing things that are reusable. Very smart! Very thrifty!

Valerie said...

If you ever do find pillows that stay firm, let me know! Mine always got flat no matter what kind. I might give your trick a try...or maybe I'll just have Alex do it for me. He likes to sew, even if it's something simple like that.

Stella Andes said...

I'm happy to see you being so frugal and smart! Congrats on finding another way to save money!

Tiff :o) said...

Adam says I overstuffed it. I was concerned about that. Hopefully it loses some of that fluff quickly.

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