Monday, January 4, 2010

Tucker's playdate

Well, we had to postpone Tucker's playdate by one day because of rain. Tucker was VERY shy when we went over. They had two small dogs and 2 large dogs the first day I was there. The alrge dogs were not theirs...they were dog sitting them. But one of the large dogs had a heart attack and was at the vet. cardiologist for the remainder of the week. Bo, the remaining large dog was very intimidating to Tucker. He's never met a dog as big as he is. He growled a couple of times at him but started relaxing pretty quickly and would let Bo sniff him and he sniffed Bo a few times. Angel, a small dog, was of no concern to Tucker. Angel was allowed to sniff him freely. The other little dog was too loud and pushy so they didn't let him down out of Ronita's lap so Tucker wouldn't get traumatized. But Tucker did go over and sniff him. At the end, Tucker finally got up and walked downstairs with Bo and Angel. He never did play but he did really well relaxing. That's the start he needed. Now that Bo isn't at Ronita's, I need to find another house with a laid back, large dog to continue the socialization with. I was SOO excited to see Tucker play with other dogs so I was disappointed that he didn't but I know he'll get there eventually. The search for the right large dog is on now.

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Us said...

Good luck finding the right playmate. It can be kinda tricky finding the right one, huh?

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