Monday, January 18, 2010

Jasmine takes a ride

On Monday, I had a day off of work for Martin Luther King day. I decided that I would take Jasmine out on our first longer ride together in Georgia. But first, I took Jack for an hour long walk, Bear for a 40 minute run, then Tucker for a 40 minute run. Before leaving with Jack, I got everything set up and ready to go. So by the time I got to Jasmine, I only had to change clothes and go.

I decided that since I can;t go touring right now, I will pick a route and ride a small portion of it and turn around and get back to the car. Next time I have time, I will just drive back to that spot, or as close to it as I can, and continue on the route. I am trying out some of the state's bicycle routes to see how they are. The bicycle routes are on regular roads but are supposed to be safer than some other roads. We'll see. We haven't actually made it to the route yet...I decided to bike to the route from home then start.

We went on Azalea DR to Cedars RD. Cedars RD is much more built up than it was when I first moved here but it's still a good road to ride on. This horse pasture is on Cedars.

It was actually quite warm. I was in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt and was plenty warm. So when Jasmine's tongue started hanging out, we took a long break. Afterward, I made her walk up a big hill then I put her in the trailer for 30 minutes while she rested some more.

This is just after I took her out of the trailer. I was trying to get up a hill but decided she was rested so she might as well ease the load and run along with me now. It was starting to cool off anyway.

The rest did her ALOT of good. We only had to stop once for 5 minutes to let her rest. There were a few other stops for water but as soon as she drank, we got back under way.

She did so well the whole way back that even though I had her in the trailer for 30 minutes and made good progress during that time, we managed to shave off 30 minutes from our original out trip. She ran most of the way home. She had me huffing and puffing up some of the hills. She is a super girl!

Right toward the end, after our last water break, I told her "ok, hike" and she started going but I was having trouble getting going. She was actually pulling me and got me going. That's Tucker's influence. She never would pull before. :o) They're both learning good habits from each other. It amazed me that after 12 miles (or whatever the distance was that she covered), she still had the strength to pull me and the load. I forgot how much fun it is to have Jasmine biking with me...slow but fun!


Valerie said...

Glad you both had a good ride and got some good pictures. Well, not both of you were taking the pics of course.

Stella Andes said...

Looks like you really had a good time! I envy you the warm weather, but then that's the way it is, right?

deborahandes said...

Shorts and a short sleeve shirt? No fair. It has been snowing here. :) Congrats on the fun ride!

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