Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mice & squirrells

Jack was telling us for 2-3 days that something interesting was going on under the stove and in the air vent near the bathroom. I peeked under the oven but didn't see anything. When Adam came home, a mission assasination mission. Well, for Adam, it was just an exploration mission but Bear, Jack and Jasmine decided it was more than that. Tucker was milling around too but he didn't really seem to know what was going on.

Adam thought he got all the squirells out and patched the hole on one side of the house. Turns out, one squirell was left inside and he was trying to get out, driving the dogs crazy with his efforts. Adam opened the hole back up and it seems he is gone now. Now, the hole just has to be fixed again so they don't slip back in. He and Aaron cut down a branch that went over the deck and the roof so now it shouldn't be as easy for them to get in again. We'll see...

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