Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dreaming of snow

Anyone who knows me, knows I love snow (well, there was a while during the winter in Wanship that I was beginning to hate it but the winter in Boise was mild enough to bring the love back. I miss the snow. Winter just isn't right without it. I don't understand the point of being cold is if it isn't going to snow. It does snow here every two years or so but it's usually gone the next day and it's more like ice than snow. But in the past snowfalls here, the Mercers have made use of the snowfall to make masterpieces.
Aaron was on his misson when it snowed in 99. Mike and Mia (both budding artists at the time) made "The All-American snowman".

Then, in 2002, when Aaron returned and Mike was on his misson, it snowed again. Mia recruted Aaron to top her last snowman. Aaron is also an artist. This was the ultimate snowman masterpiece! David, the snowman. This was the first winter after 9/11 so the flag was added for patriotism. A neighbor called the news station to come take a look at David but no one ever did come. He lasted a couple of days before he really started melting.

Oh, and if you click on the above pic to make it bigger, take a look at the man in the window. That was a lifesize picture of Spock, mounted on a board for a theater display. He stood in the window for years! He scared a lot of people. The Santa hat was his Christmas decoration.


Valerie said...

That family has major artistic talent! And Spock scaring people...hahahahahahaha!

Stella Andes said...

Beautiful artwork! It's so incredible. I probably couldn[t do anything that resembled anything or anyone. Well, I might be able to make a snowball, but not a snowman.

Us said...

I will be deleting the pictures of our snowman Wow, that's pretty impressive, especially considering they don't get a lot of practice witht the medium. :)

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