Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dog toys

When Bear was a puppy he would chew on everything! He had some toys but he really prefered to chew on things like wood and upholstery so he only had 5-6 toys, some tennis balls and plenty of rawhides. Plus he had some outside toys too but he really only used tennis balls and basketballs. Jasmine likes things with squeakys in them but doesn't play with them often so she didn't have too many of those either. Jack doesn't play with any toys whatsoever. But now we have Tucker. Tucker is a ball of hyper energy. If he isn't asleep, he has to be chewing on something, running around and usually jumping thrown in for good measure. If no toys are around, he will find something more valuable to chew on. So to combat his destructive behavior, I have been buying toys like crazy (mostly stuffed animals from the thrift store but also some dog toys with squeakeys which he also loves. Water bottles and pieces of cardboard have been added to the pile and Mom, Dad and Sheri got them a bunch of toys too! So, our house is now a toy box. It has been keeping him from chewing other things though so it's something I will gladly live with. It takes a lot longer to round up all the toys than it used to.

Tucker's toy corner.

What you see doesn't include the toys in the kitchen, the dining room or the bedroom...and sometimes they even flow into the bathroom.

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Valerie said...

You just have to train them to put them in a toy box now. :)

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