Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night, I got home from work, and trip to the store to find Adam and Barry mudding the walls. They finished all the drywall and have moevd onto the next step. :o)

Wall at the end of the halllway was one big open hole...not anymore.

Pretty much that whole wall had to be mudded. The corner was the pantry so quite a bit of repair work was done there as well.

This is the future laundry room/pantry. Everything is looking so good!

And Adam fixed the vacuum too! It's bee broken since we got it. The belt flies off every minute or so. I had mostly given up vacuuming because of the hassel. It would take about an hour to vacuum my small living room, and small dining room and hall. Forget the stairs and bedroom. I had to stop, take the vacuum apart, reseat the belt and put the vacuum back together every time it fell off. As you can just wasn't worth it. I had been sweeping the carpets for some time now. But that is all voer. Adam successfully fixed it so I have clean looking carpet again. :o)


Valerie said...

Your house is looking so good! Congrats. And your vacuum is working too. Good day! Great job, Adam (and Barry)!!!!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Looking good! nice work. I bet you will be so happy when it's all done.

Us said...

Sweet! I wish that I could do stuff like that!

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