Sunday, January 10, 2010


Our first bikejoring outing away from the neighborhood. I thought that all we would be doing was sniffing the trail at a walking speed but they did really well!

It snowed a little this week and a tiny bit has stuck around. It's supposed to warm up this week though so it will all be gone soon.

I've been getting more and more interested in bikejoring. It's a sport (competitive or recreational) where a dog or dogs pull you on a bicycle. Most do it with huskies, malamutes, samoyeds or other sled pulling dogs but my dogs like running (except Jack) and they are not real fast but they enjoy it! I enjoy it too. I recently started hooking up Jas & Tucker together for their runs. They have similar speed & pace so it works out well. Last night, I took them to a bike trail near the Mall of Georgia. Lots of fun. :o)
Here they are having fun running faster than my weak legs allow them to.


Us said...

You don't yell mush in bikejoring? I would, if only for fun. :) Like when I took fencing so I could say en guard! Actually, one of the items from my list is dog sled. Maybe if it keeps snowing down there your dogs can help me accomplish one of my goals. That is if I could just afford to go out there.

Tiff :o) said...

Jared, I had no idea you wanted to go on a dog sled ride. There's a club in UT called Utah Paw Power. Maybe you can talk one of the teams into letting you go on a training run this winter! Someday, maybe I'll have dogs who can take me on a sled ride.

Mush isn't used in any sport (just in movies). The real term is "hike" and I do yell that a couple of times in the video...that's why Tucker started running faster after I said it. Gee is right, haw is left.

If I ever live where there is a lot of snow, and I have a sled, I will totally let you take the dogs out for a run!

Stella Andes said...

That's awesome, Tiff! Good work. They ran really well together. Cool.

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks, Mom. It's a lot of fun. :o)

And today is Adam's birthday so I couldn't call last night because I was making something for him and I can't call tonight either but I will try this week.

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