Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whoops....wrong day

I could have sworn that today was my day off but Adam assures me that it's tomorrow. Oh weel. It's too late. All I can hopefor is that I don't get in trouble with my boss for not doing the reports today.

At least I made use of my time today. I finished another project. I made mud flaps for my bike fenders out of scraps from the ski boot base thing. They just didn't cover far enough down. The front one will keep more dirt and grime out of the drive train. The rear one is more for Jasmine when she's in the trailer behind me...or any bikers behind me. All the examples I saw online had to have holes drilled in their fenders. I lucked out. My fenders have little stubby mud flaps that were pointless. However, the did serve one purpose. The were a good platform to attach my new mud flaps to using just my utility knife. It is basically the same material I made the flaps out of. To give it a nice finished look, I rounded out the corners at the bottom.

My new flaps. See how close to the ground they are. They have enough clerance to miss the ground in a turn.

rear flap

front flap

I also made an emergency tire boot for my bike tire. I'm keeping the rest of the scraps of this material. This is useful stuff.

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Valerie said...

Look at you, girl! Great job!!

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