Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The hypnotising squirell

Today, I walked to the back door and looked through the glass for the dogs. I was totally amazed by what I saw! Jack was sitting on one side of the tree while Jasmine was laying on the other side (Bear was inside with me). The amazing part was the squirell close enough to be snatched in someone's mouth yet the dogs weren't moving a muscle or barking despite it running from spot to spot. It must have been about 5 minutes of that...I have no idea how long it was going on before I started watching. The squirell went up into the branches and started flicking its tail around then came back down the trunk. It stopped just above Jack's head then catapulted itself off the tree onto the ground. I was thinking that the squirell was done for. The dogs gave chase but the squirell made it to the other tree and up the trunk before they were able to catch up. The looked up into the tree but they never once barked. It was the strangest display from the dogs I've ever seen. I wonder what that squirell did to them!?!
It was 7 years ago, this month that we got Bear. That means he is 7 years old. You would never know it by how active he still is! That shot of him was taken today. He's had a sore leg for a couple of days but he seems to be doing ok today.

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