Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vineyard ride 12-9-08

I went on two rides while in Utah. One was out to Vineyard to see the lake, and th e other was to Utah Lake State Park. I really like the lake. I like the canyon more but it was too cold to be in the shady canyon this time of year.
I piled on my winter riding clothes which include: balaclava, lightweight thermal base layer top & bottom, long sleeved jersey, vest, coat, padded shorts, tights, socks, shoes, plastic bags over my toes, neoprene booties, latex gloves (to cut the wind) and winter gloves. You would think with all those clothes on that there is no way I could get cold but even with all of that, I do still get chilled some in the beginning. But my toes and fingers generally stay cold.
I rode out to vineyard to a new subdivison called the shores. There is a short walking trail, paved. It tricked me into thinking that it was the Jordan River/Provo River bike trail. I was excited to take it but it was very short. I turned around and headed back toward Provo.

I found a tire swing in a tree in an empty field so I stopped and played on it while I ate my snickers and rested my legs.
I was going to bike to the state park. I got close but decided that my knee was hurtnig too much and I was too tired so I turned around. I climbed University Parkway from Geneva to Main ST. That was a hard climb when already tired out.

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