Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We made it home

It was great spending time with everyone Thursday and Friday. I'm glad we actually got to see everyone too...and I finally got to hold Itai for the first time.

Bear made me so proud! After we walked to the motel from Mom and Dad's Thursday night, I was walking Bear to the front desk to use their scissors to cut out some burrs. Someone walked out of the staircase with a dog. I pulled Bear to the side, ready for barking, whining and lunging but he just stood beside me and watched the dog walk by. I was so excited and was praising Bear so much. The man was part way down the hall, his dog was still barking at Bear. He stopped and asked me what kind of dog Bear is. I told him. He has the same breed of dog. I wasn't paying enough attention to the dog then but I saw the dog again the next morning and I could definitely see the resemblance.

Adam got the brakes fixed well enough to get us here with no problems. Jack is happy to be home. He was so nervous on the ride home that we had to break down and buy some Dramamine for him. It didn't do much on its own so I had to go back in the back area and lay with him. He finally relaxed enough to lay down and stop panting for a little while but he didn't fall asleep.

On the way back, in Tremonton, we stopped for a quick brake and the sun was setting. Beautiful.

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Valerie said...

That is beautiful. We were so glad to hear you made it safely on Friday!

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