Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinner at Mendozas

On Thursday, I went to the Mendoza's and was there before the kids came home from school. I went with Valerie to pick up the girls. It wasn't long before Alex showed up too. They were all eating a snack when he complained about his braces coming off. Sure enough, two brackets had come off his teeth. We all made an emergency trip to the orthodontist. It idnt take too long before they were back on his teeth.

Sabrina's birthday party was the next day so Valerie started getting things ready. We blew up ballons and Sabrina put stickers on the cups. Valerie hung a couple of Strawberry shortcake things. (Alex was reading when I was taking pictures so I didn't even get one of his teeth. Sorry, Alex. Balloon wars and merryment went on for quite some time.

Dinner was good, I thought, but Valerie wasn't happy with it and poor Alex couldn't eat much since he had just gotten his braces on that morning.

We went to Dairy Queen for dessert. Alex saved his brownie in melted ice cream to soften his brownie so he might be able to eat it.

We played Druthers. Itw as already past their bed time. Sorry Valerie. Thanks for letting me come. I had fun.


Valerie said...

From Alex: We should get together and have more balloon wars some time. I wish you were here right now.

From Elisa: Hi. Thank you for coming over. It was fun. Love you. Bye.

From Sabrina: Hi, dude. Thank you for coming over and visiting us. I hope you can come down soon. I miss you and Uncle Adam. I love you guys. Bye, dotty-dot-dude.

From Me: It was so nice of you to make time to come down to visit us. Sorry the kids had to do homework and go to bed for school the next day. I was so glad you made it home okay...again.

Tiff :o) said...

It was fun getting to visit you guys...sorry I couldn't have stayed longer. Love you all.

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