Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visits from Jared, Debbie, boys and Heather

Jared visited on Wednesday with the boys. It's nice that Avi will let me pick him up and hug and kiss him now. Sheri opened up a box of Hot Wheels and he played with those for most of the time he was there. When he was putting them away, Jared was making him pick the right colored cars. He's so smart!! I really doubt I knew which color was which at that age. I got to hold Itai. :o) Heather came over not too long before they left.
On Friday, Debbie and the boys came because Jared accidentally took the house key to work with him. They stayed for a couple of hours. While I was holding Avi so Debbie could make up a bottle for him, he started smiling and laughing a lot. What a huge smile he has! Avi played with cars again and watched little ensteins. He let me play with him briefly but I'm not that fun so he moved on.

Heather came again before they left and stayed until Tom was getting off of work.

Thanks so much for visiting with me! It was nice to see everyone.

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