Monday, December 15, 2008

Boy In the Striped Pajamas (not a spoiler)

It was one of Adam's days off today and he took me to a movie that looked good to me. It's "Boy In the Striped Pajamas". It's about a German Family during the Holocaust. The father is a soldier. He is moved to a house near one of the camps. The wife (can't recall her name), daughter, Greta, and son, Bruno, go with him. The son discovers the camp by looking out his bedroom window. They get a tutor that teaches them that Jews are bad and the reason why Germany is poor. Greta believes everything without question while Bruno, who is younger, is trying to figure things out for himself. In the mean time, the wife discovers what exactly is going on at the camps and is disgusted by it and her husband's lack of humanity. Bruno goes over to the camp and meets a boy his age who is a prisioner. The boys become friends. Bruno betrays his friend (out of fear) one day and he ends up getting beat by a soldier. But Bruno wants to make it up to him so when his friend's father ends up missing after leaving on "work duty", Bruno offers to come into the camp to help find his father. Ok, no more of the movie in case anyone does want to see it.
I don't like the ending but I don't know that any ending would be satisfying and believable at the same time. Still, I think a different ending would have been better.

I don't often recommend movies since I'm not that into movies but I think this one has a very good story, although sad and depressing which was not unexpected since I knew the setting of the movie going into it but I do recommend this movie.

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Valerie said...

I was surprised to see a movie review on your blog. :) It sounds very interesting. I'll have to watch it too.

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