Sunday, December 14, 2008

Utah Lake State Park ride 12-10-08

When I looked out the window, I saw ther were no clouds in the sky or covering the mountains today so I just had to go for a ride.
After getting some work done, I got all my winter gear on again, mius the vest. It was warmer out today, so I quickly took off the latex gloves and unzipped my jacket some. I didn't want to get sweaty like on yesterday's ride.

I biked down 2000 south to Geneva road. I took a backway I had found years ago to the lake. It leads right to a short trail on the edge of the lake. The plants had grown since my last ride down the trail and I only got a few glimpses of the lake. I stopped at a picnic bench and ate a bagel and rested my legs.
Back on the bike, I headed to the first jetty. They've been building up the length of the second jetty. They had a bulldozer and something else working on it today. I think that it makes the lake look smaller. Too bad.
I headed back to the main road. My bike wheels are too thin for the rock/sand that makes up the jetty so it was very slow going. I was going to bike down part of the second jetty when I got a call saying that Jared and his boys were at the house so I turned around and made it home in about 30 minutes.

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