Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm home again

Thanks so much for the great visit, everyone! It was great seeing you all again.

I made the drive home yesterday in snowy weather. The worst was from Lehi to Ogden and Mountain Home to Boise. It took me 8 hours to make the whole drive. I did make two stops in the warmer parts to walk around and get out of the car but they weren't long stops. I wanted to get home before it got too late and to get off the road before the sun went down and the water froze to ice.

I made it to Mountain Home around the time the sun went down and the traffic got worse. Closer to Boise, there was a bad accident on the other side of the interstate. They were completely stopped. I think rubber neckers on my side spent too much time looking over as there were 6-8 cars that were involoved in various accidents.

I made it home safely though. I was exhausted so I pretty much vegged out on the couch all evening.

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