Thursday, December 29, 2011

The last of the decorations.

These are the last of the decorations for the party. If I made any other decorations, I have already forgotten.

This fireplace was actualy not made by me, but by the lady I made the raw cookies for. It's made out of a tv box and the mantel is actual wood. It even had flickering lights inside the "fire". The bricks are painted on.

Here's another decoration I didn't work on. We were lucky enough to find these Whoville wall sets in the storage shed at the church. There were 5 of them, plus 2 signs. Someone spent a lot of time putting plaster texture on them and painting them. The signs were actually carved.

We had over 50 boxes that had to be wrapped. 25 of them were part of the centerpieces on the tables, the bottom part so they had no bows. One lady wrapped all 25 of the no bow boxes. Adam and I wrapped the rest of them and put bows on all the rest. It was pretty cramped in the house by the time the party came along.

And the last decoration here is one I almost forgot about. I made two of these, one for each side of the stage. I just took pieces of paper and cut out in a sprial. Some spirals were small, while others were big. I stapled them together and added a bow I made. Super simple...porbably the easiest thing I made. I almost forgot to put them up.

So, that's it...I will post some pics from the play though since that was fun also.


Us said...

You made a bunch of really impressive decorations! You should open a boutique!

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks...but no thanks. If I opened a botique, it would be something I really enjoy making...

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